What a Wonderful Weekend

What a perfect holiday weekend we had. It was just the right balance of places to go and things to do. But most importantly, there was relaxation, lots and lots of relaxation, actually.
358:365, Milk and Cookies for Santa
 It was just what I wanted for Christmas, and I got it.
We spent time with family, friends and with each other.
359:365, christmas morning
The kids played and played and played with their new toys.
We tried to get outside and out of pj’s, but it was pretty sweet to just hang out in our comfy clothes and not go anywhere.
The weather was almost warm so we did sneak in some ‘football’ and bubble blowing pre-nap time.
360:365, back yard play

20111224-20111224-_MG_0250 20111224-20111224-_MG_0249

The kids got to play with all the grandparents and Daddy-O and I got our rooms cleaned up. 
Guess what, there really is a floor in our bedroom!
The year is wrapping up wonderfully and I am looking forward to 2012.
Hope your holiday was a bright and merry as well.

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