washed up

Washed and ready to go in a pie. Which I ate half of, not in one sitting mind you- but how can you resist an apple pie made with apples that were picked fresh that day from one of your good friend’s back yard?
you can’t. you just can’t.
Unless, you are my husband. He doesn’t eat apple pie. I think something is wrong with him when he reminds me about this.
Really, who doesn’t like apple pie?

We are gearing up for a little get away, although the rainy forecast has me worried and I might have to talk the mister down from his camping frenzy. He bought a new tent to fit the three of us and is just aching to use it. Maybe we can just set it up in the backyard and do smores in the fire pit instead?
I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of town though. And to San Fran and Santa Cruz,it just sounds like fun. Not to mention we had such a great time last year on our camping trip over Halloween weekend.
There are photobooths that will be missed out on if we don’t go,
oh sigh.

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  1. curious girl (lisa) October 30, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    those apples look yummy! and I love the shot of your little guy in the chair.

    happy camping!


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