early morning yawn_9910
I remember you flying into this world, with intensity that has not faded in your two years around the sun.
I didn’t know what it would be like to be a mother of two, or a mother to a girl. But as soon as they hand you to me, I knew that my heart had room, because a heart can grow and grow and grow and be filled with more than we ever knew.
happy first, fifi
Fifi, you are the silliest little monkey there is.You love to make people laugh and can get out of a fix with a sly little smile that melts your daddy and cracks me up. Your favorite pass time is to pick on your brother or the dog. Seeing who you can get a rise out of first and, if neither of them are willing participants, you are more than happy to make Daddy or I your next victim.
patriotic girl
You have a thing for textures and all things tactile (including a few things I wish you wouldn’t, I can handle the yogurt finger painting, but the poop-painting phase needs to end…please?)
I love watching you, just to see what your next move will be.
You are so different than O, so different- but I love that you are crazy and wild and full of life. You make me remeber to be silly, to laugh at myslef and to make others laugh, you remind me to stick to my guns and fight for what I want.
I love that you are my teacher.

Suuuuuper Fifi, to the rescue!!!!
Smart and feisty and beautiful. Don’t ever change.
Today, you are two. I (we) love you Fifi-Magee.
Happy Birthday!
And, this is two. Happy birthday Fifi!!!

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