How do you even begin to talk about 2 years of a little person’s life. The past year has been so full of amazing changes and growth.
Star Gazing
first moments
Not that the first year wasn’t, but it was physical growth mostly, becoming upright and mobile. But this past year, it has all been about growth into a little person. A boy who not just walks and talks but says the funniest things and declare details about the world around him that he makes me stop to notice and look and wonder. There is hopping and galloping, jumping and rolling. Feisty moments of independence and whining moments of need. There are bumps and bruises to be kissed better and ‘shaken off’. We get nights of complete rest and then others haunted with visits at our bedside.
first birthday
The business of being a two year old is spontaneous, and clearly in the moment. Emotions jump from our little boy like popcorn kernels in a hot pan. He is loud (as always) and silly. And is testing limits and boundaries, yet follows rules and routines like we have sent him off to military school. He is sweet and caring with other kids and often asks about his friends and cousins when we haven’t seen them in a few days or weeks. Even though he loves to see his buddies, he often sits on the sidelines- observing, taking it in, learning. I love seeing how his mind works and wondering how much of this will be who he always is and was meant to be. I used to laugh when moms or dads would describe their little’s with the titles ‘my little engineer”, my ‘nurse/doctor’, our ‘little teacher’. But it seems to be true- seeing them at a young age you can quickly imagine who or what they might gravitate towards as adults. One thing I know is that our little man learns so much just by observation and listening.
Birthday Breakfast
second birthday
A few favorite things these days, Matchbox cars, shooting hoops, and asking questions like “whhhhhheeeeeeeeeeere ARE you Mama”, “arrrre YOU coming?”, and “what’s THAT?”.  He amazes us every day not just with the words that come out of his mouth, but by how much he truly understands and gets. Things he remembers and knows.
We sang happy birthday to him this morning first thing, he got really shy and quite. His cousins called and sang to him again and he was shaking with joy. Tonight we will have a few people over for dinner and Happy Cakes.
year 2 happy cakes
I am so excited to watch this little boy grow. What a wonderful and amazing two years it has been

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  1. earthycrunchy September 7, 2010 at 12:30 am

    It just gets better Vanessa. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Mr. O!

  2. shopgirl September 7, 2010 at 1:42 am

    That was a FAST two years!
    And happy birthday little O.

  3. Ani September 7, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    It’s a beautiful life, isn’t it? 🙂


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