The Universe knows the answer…

So how many of you out there subscribe to the “universe“?

little buckaroo
a little buckaroo, last summer at the rodeo held in Yerington, NV

A few months back I decided to start getting the weekly emails from the Universe and it often blows my mind how right on they are with what is happening in my life at that moment.

Over the weekend I started to feel a little insecure about some of the things we are doing with regards to the birth. The cloth diaper decision, the glass bottles instead of plastic, the non-blinking/noisy/plastic toys… I think the hardest one so far though is trying to explain to family and friends what “Hypno-brithing” is all about without sounding like total space-cookies. When I say that I don’t want to have them administer pitocin or an epidural, not be overwhelmed with the looks or reactions I get.(Did you know that pitocin isn’t even FDA approved for the induction of labor?) I often feel like others start to judge our decisions, that “who do you think you are trying to be” “you aren’t going to prove anything by not getting these drugs” kind of looks. I have to remind myself that I am trying to be a good parent, even before we get to see or hold baby.
I learned this weekend that the medical field isn’t sure what the side effects are of using pitocin or epidurals, they just know it keeps things “moving” at a rate that makes them happy. It is so easy to forget that we need to trust our bodies and our babies to do what they need to do. It just takes a little focus, relaxation and a whole lot of encouragement…

So when these words showed up in my inbox today I took in a deep breath and said wow..
“One of the most stringent conditions all angels must meet, Vanessa, other than double-advanced harp playing and skydiving abilities (not necessarily at the same time), is that they must not allow themselves to feel hurt or rejected by the choices made by others, no matter how much they’ve done for them nor how great their love.

Yeah, WOW.
The Universe”

I have no right feel hurt or rejected by others simply because they choice/choose to give birth/parent in a different style then we do, just like we have no right to make them feel bad about what they did or are doing either. We are all making decisions based on what we feel is right for ourselves and for our babies.

my niece, enjoying breakfast earlier this spring

In other news…
I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was full. I visited friends that I haven’t seen in months and got to hold one of the cutest butterball babies ever. (Some how I didn’t pull out my camera, which I kind of regret…) I made brownies from scratch and quiche almost from scratch, too. We spent the late morning outside with family. I went to our hypno-birthing class with my man and then debriefed about it once we got home which was so, so good (I should mention here that he said almost exactly what the universe said, good man indeed…). We made salmon and garlic bread and planted things in the garden. I finished this book, which is now on my top ten all time favorites. And I woke up this morning wishing that their was just one more day to just relax. But I got up and taught yoga anyway and am feeling good because of it.

Little V
me, in the grand canyon 2 or 3 years old

be well friends, be well- what ever your choices for the day may bring.

8 Comments The Universe knows the answer…

  1. Ani June 2, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    you stick to your guns, you know what is right for you. i’m cheering you on!

    ummm…can i come for dinner? 😉

  2. Nessie Noodle June 2, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Ani, Thanks and you can come over any old time you want! you just let me know. It would be fun to have you and the fam stop by 🙂

  3. lauracrow June 3, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    vanessa, do what YOU think is right. if cloth diapers, glass bottles and no epidural is what YOU want to do…then do it. it’s your body and your child. those are all things i plan to do myself and everyone else be damned. stand strong and don’t let those silly “looks” and comments bother you. you will be a fabulous mama.

  4. angela June 3, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    yes! you can do it, and i heart you for goin’ for it. hugs and kisses to you friend 🙂

  5. Nessie Noodle June 3, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you Laura your words are so right on.
    Angela, you just went through it and know what its all about, so thatnk you thank you for such big support!!

    You gals are such an amazing support, xo to each of you!

  6. The Giant June 4, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    You gotta do what your heart tells you. Keep remembering that you’re not doing this for the critics, or for anyone except you and your baby.
    You can do this, and from what I know of you and your man you will do it incredibly well!

  7. Kathleen June 6, 2008 at 5:01 am

    when people looked at us like we were crazy or asked us “why”, i just smiled and said, “our bodies are amazing…what they can do…i want to be part of that…i want to feel the power of it all”.
    of course, they thought we were crazier after that remark! lol

    you are going to be so amazing, sister. i have tears in my eyes typing this…so excited for you through this journey and discovery.
    you’ll see. it will be so amazing…it already is, yes?

  8. shopgirl June 7, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Amen to you. What ever you want to do. If you have trusted medical professionals around you (where ever you are) then you can make the best decisions for YOU at the time. You have a plan, and they know your wishes. And you take it from there.


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