The Girl

Fifi, oh Fifi.
A look at what they were "drawing". #aboyandagirl
You are independent and feisty. Funny as all get out and my creative partner in crime.
We love #truckeebagelco
You dress yourself- you have a major thing for PJs and dress upclothes of the princess variety.
I'm pretty sure my heart is going to explode. #ladybugprincessballerinakindamorning #momentswithfifi
I do it myself. #momentswithfifi
You can tell me stories so long and elaborate that I need cliff notes to keep up, you love to paint and draw- sometimes in places you aren’t supposed to or with mediums that I would rather see you eating then creating with. But, I usually let it slide because I see how happy it makes you to create and fill the world with COLOR!
My little #artist at work. Bubble wands and finger paint = great textures. #momentswithfifi
#gingham for #thetreehouseclub today
You boss your brother around when you play “mommy and daddy”, make me read you the Grinch Stole Christmas at least once a day and have your Daddy firmly wrapped around your pinky with your silly faces and jokes.
Heading to the park, it's serious business.  #momentswithfifi
She was totally sleeping. #howtheheck #shesleeps #momentswithfifi #naptime
We passed the bottles onto the garbage man, you are working on going potty on the toilet and are sleeping so much more then you used to at night. When you tell me, “I’m a big girl” I nod my head yes and wonder where my itty bitty baby went.
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