The boy.

His hands look like chubby baby hands here... Sigh. #momentswitho

See those hands up there? the ones on the “kit-tar”. They still look like chubby todler hands in that shot, but don’t let this image fool you. This kids is growing into his big kid shoes way too fast for me these days.

My little fishy. He is doing SO well at swimming lessons. #momentswitho #swimmer

I am not really sure what to think about the fact that my little dude will be 5 years old in 5 months. He has accomplished so many things already this year.


He is riding a bicycle without training wheels, jumping into and swimming around the pool like a little fish, climbing trees like a monkey and writing words (with a bit of help still, but he has his letters down and knows what he wants to say).

Riding like the wind

I am so proud of this kid.Oh man, does my mama heart swell.

Makin' his mama proud. #ibelieveinfilm #yashicalm #momentswitho

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