the boy and the girl

my little-big boy.
he watches, he soaks it all in. He takes himself a little to seriously, but can tell a joke and giggle when he realizes what he has done. When he is in a goof-ball kind of mood watch-out, it’s wacko-a-doodle time. So much about him is beyond preschool, and so much about him is still baby.
He uses words beyond his years, remembers things that I have long forgotten and makes associations that blow my mind away. Usually, on the car ride home from school in the afternoon he tells me something profound that will snap me out of my drone mode after a long day at work.. He can ride a bike, catch-shoot-kick and hit a ball, and yet he still needs his Binky and white blankie, and we still have to make sure to always have extra dry clothes in the car or at school.
This between place, it is such a strange place to be in at times, for him and for us. We are all learning as we go- I hope he understands that part…

this girl, she is more than I every imagined.
she has a temper like a firecracker, quick and beautiful, with flare.
she has no fear- if she falls, she get right back up again. hardly stopping to dust herself off.
she dances, laughs, sings and let’s you know when she is in the room.

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