295:366, my crew
My crew on Wednesday night. My mom came over and stayed the night so she could have the entire day with us on Thurday.
The marinade. It smells amazing. #thanksgiving
A. got up early and started his magic for the bird. I am so glad he likes to cook and takes care of this part of the meal!
Smokin' da-bird. #thanksgiving
Smoking. It came out amazing. I think the best turkey we have had yet.
The boys, ready for our walk around the ‘swamp’ loop.
Dessert making! #thanksgiving #momentswitho
The kids helped make the icebox cake (more like, they ate a bunch of whipping cream and cookies- but I don’t blame them).
Drawing an airport for the paper airplanes to land on.
Scrabble while the kids napped.
Big smiles all around.
It was a really good day!

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