tents, racoons, and things that go bump in the night


a little more about our campinf trip…

We got in late to the site, but not too late for dinner. And defenitly not to late for a beer and one is never to late to take a walk on the beach with the moonlight leading the way to the glowing waves.
We hardly needed flashlights.

Our camp site was invaded by a pack of raccoons.
They like ruffles (they have ridges you know) and ciabatta bread, oh and marshmellows too.
Just in case you would like to lure a few of the scary fluffballs out on your next trip.
They also know how to pop the lid off of tupperware bins and ice chests. Once we moved all the food into the cars we could hear them moving on to the next campsite-
pop! crash! “Ooh, they have cheese in here guys…”

We brought only one pooch and she loved, seriously loved the beach and the waves. (the other doggy had bite wounds from his gallivant and was content to stay home with the Grandloon to rest)
We spent lots of time in the sand on Saturday and practiced acro-yoga – this is the way yoga should be practiced, with laughter and friends and sand to go in places you didn’t even know you had.
Oh, and there was a shoulder massage train that almost made my eyes roll out of my head it felt so good.
We laughed and snorted and laughed harder
There was bad 80’s music blared as we drove down the highway and temp tattoos applied using a moist towelette.
We played Frisbee and hiked to lookouts to see the beach below
We got to the Board Walk a bit too late and only got one ride on the Giant Dipper.We weren’t too late for photo-boothing and a Dance Dance Revolution off and lots of rounds in the “Classic Corner” of the arcade- dig dug anyone?
Stayed up late again and ate burgers, drank bloody Mary’s and made s’mores. There was a round of Trivial Pursuit around the campfire and top ten lists,
(and made sure to pack up all the food when we were done)

Banana pancakes were made (complete with Jack Johnson playing on the pod) after a morning walk down the in the sand and a mish-mash of morning goodness (eggs, snausage, hash browns and cheese) created and consumed.
Our trip wasn’t complete until we made a visit to the Mystery Spot and finally on to a wonderful Mexican restaurant that made us all silent for about 10 minutes while we ate- and then we got noisy again since there were margos to drink.

Life is SO good right now- even if we are down to one car, the garage door is broken and the dogs won’t stay in the yard.
Life is good because we have people that make us smile and laugh- friends that get us outside and won’t take the answer of, “No, I’m staying home this weekend to re-arrange my closet.”
Camping re-grounds you in the best possible way. All that other stuff can wait.

Thanks guys- we had a blast…

3 Comments tents, racoons, and things that go bump in the night

  1. lauracrow October 31, 2007 at 6:34 am

    what a beautiful post. it’s about 2:30am and i’m wide awake and seriously missing my honey…it’s nice to have things like this to read to keep me company:)

  2. Ani October 31, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    (blissful sigh)
    sounds so good.

  3. Cathy November 1, 2007 at 2:10 am

    You are making me anxious to go back to Santa Cruz. We have reservations for the end of November, so soon I’ll be walking on that same beach. Camping rocks!


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