Ten Years of Tripping With My Man

 V & A
We started our relationship on a road trip. Well, more then a road trip- we flew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, fumbled around finding a bus (took the wrong bus, but had a great lunch) and then found the right bus and rode 2 hours south to a lazy beach town called La Manzanilla along the Costa Alegre. It was there that we met up with our group to learn, explore, paddle and hike.
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That was (gulp) 12 years ago. One DOZEN years ago, my friends. So where am I going with this? Today, May 17th,  is our 10th anniversary. I am not really sure how to even process the fact that we have made it this long. I never thought I would get married. I wasn’t a girl who dreamed about her wedding day, but here I am. Two kids, a dog and 12 years later- married, to a damn good man.
Over the past 12 years we have had many, many, many adventures. Some far away, some close to home. Some where we camped in a tent or out under the stars. Others included fancy hotel rooms and umbrellas in our drinks.Some adventures included friends and family, others were just the two of us (or the four of us, as of late).
Ten years ago today, I said yes. I let him slip a ring around my finger. We floated on the joy and the love from our family and friends all afternoon. We danced until we couldn’t dance any more and then disappeared to Kauai for two weeks to sit in the sun and play in the waves.


4th Anniversary Edition

He can be crabby, bossy and piss me off- what man can’t do this to his partner? And what woman can’t do the exact same thing back? But he can also be ridiculously romantic, silly, and supportive beyond words. I know I don’t always let him into my head, don’t let my guard down all the way, but I hope he knows that I love him. 

 V & A Seattle
To celebrate our first decade, we drove over the summit and into the Bay for some time in San Francisco. No kids, our favorite bed and breakfast, lots of good food, drinks, a museum,a baseball game, and Chinatown. Phew, I am tired again just talking about it. It’s good to sneak away every now and then. It helps a couple remember why they fell in love in the first place.
wedding day 001
Happy 10th Anniversary, Andy. I love you.
 family shot, reflected

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