Stomp Rocket and Mustaches

We are officially in the birthday season.
O’s BFF, L just celebrated her 4th birthday, which means O and Fifi”s is only two weeks to go.

 During our pregnancies, E and I hoped that the kids would be buddies and sure enough, they are the next generation of giggle twins.

281:365, the giggle crew
When I asked O what he wanted to get L for her birthday he instantly told me, “She really liked the stomp rocket that I got for my birthday last year. Can we get her that”? He always blows my mind when he pulls something like this out of his memory bank.
 second generation besties.
So a stomp rocket it was.
Here it is in action….
While the kids jumped and send the small red and yellow rockets into orbit, the adults were entertaining themselves with other things…sticky mustaches to be exact. We were cracking up how we instantly looked like our dads. 
234:366, I really mustache you....
Happy Birthday L,we love, love, love you!

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