smile today

sending out prayers

Things making me smile today…

my ipod just hopped from Willie Nelson “out skirts of town”, to LL Cool J “round the way girl”, and then on to The Be Good Tanyas, “Ootischenia”

we had some of the yummiest cake yesterday for hubby’s birthday from this place. There might be just enough in the fridge left for us to share tonight (but if he gets to it first that would be okay too- it was his birthday after all.)

wearing a skirt even though it is still february.

that tomorrow is like a bonus day in the calendar and friday all in one.

my mom, and the fact that she came over before we got home from work yesterday and vacuumed the house to help us out before people showed up for dinner. that woman loves to vacuum.

I am busy at work, but felt like a break- so I am stopping in to say hello.

be well friends…

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  1. Stacie February 29, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I missed your deadling for cookbook submissions!!! Can I send it today? I will send it today, and if ya use it, ya use it… dang my procrastinating self!

  2. angela March 3, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    hello friend, thank you for checking in on me 🙂
    skirts in feb. and a string of songs that include willie & LL – wow, life is good! i always wanted a pair of bamboo earrings….


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