Lucky Seven

On Friday Feefers turned seven months. What a month it has been too. Lots of things happening for this little girl right now.
98:365,7 months
A list of seven things to mark the month:
1. Went camping for the first time and loved it
2. Went swimming for the first time and splashed she scared herself.
3. Started eating more and more solids and hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like yet. She is particularly found of the stick pretzel stogies, and anything that I put in the net-pacifier-deal-bop-thing-a-majiggy. We brought the high chair back in from the garage and she loves sitting with all of us at meal time and while I cook. 
4. She stopped sleeping very well at night, as in, waking up every couple of hours to eat. Much to this sleep deprived mama’s dismay, but has seemed to be getting back on track the last couple of days. Much to this mama’s delight.
5. Started sitting up with out help of another human, a bumbo or the boppy. This has made bath time easier and much more fun since that means she can be in there with her big brother, who by the way is still the funniest person that ever lived according to her.
6. Has found a deep love for eating anything made of paper. Nothing is sacred or safe, she might have a mean spitball talent forming.

7. Is “unofficially” crawling. Meaning she can no longer be left on the bed or the couch (ahem) alone with out a large possibility of falling off. She scoots herself all over the room, backwards and by rolling. Unless, there is something so incredibly tempting in front of her, then it is necessary to ‘hop’ forward and worm her way to it until her chubby little hands can reach out and grab what ever it is she needed/wanted.
(Update: as of Sunday afternoon, April 11, we have an officaial crawler on our hands. She is getting faster and more accurate by the minute. It really is awesome to watch it all unfold.)

I think this might be one of my favorite stages that she is in/headed into right now. She is more and more awake and alert than ever. She is totally interested in what is happening all over the room- will unlatch mid-feeding if she hears her daddy or brother walk in the room and is even starting to mimic sounds and motions, like waving and head nodding (which is hysterical and needs to be caught on video). It is always so amazing to watch as they take so much information in and process it all. She is still such a happy, smiley little girl and her smile and eyes will light up a room when she enters it. I hope that sparkle never leaves- it is such a gift.
We love you Feefer-fifer-foo, yes we do!


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