long weekends rock

Ahh, I feel so refreshed. Sometimes after a long weekend I don’t feel like that, but we had a great three days and I am happy to report that I feel really good.

On Friday there was a lot of puttering around the house. I cleaned up the craft room and even got a little sewing done for an upcoming baby shower. The car got washed, the dishes got washed and I got a pedi/mani. I almost fell a sleep in the chair while she rubbed my feet and legs. I came home and napped and then A got home from his hike up Mt Rose.
Later that evening our friends started to stop by for bbq-ing and firework gazing. It was super mellow and perfect.
patriotic bike

On Saturday we headed up to the Sierra/Mohawk Valley to meet up with family. We played cards, walked into town, napped, read magazines. band

After dinner, when it was just starting to get dark we walked our way back down to the town’s park and watched the firework show. I think this small town had the Biggest Little City’s show beat.

Grand Finally

It was a great show. The atmosphere of families and friends at the park really added to it all. I even saw a few recently retired co-workers while we were there. Once the show was over- the booming echo was amazing, and I loved the way the fire works silhouetted the trees, we hiked back home and crashed out.

On Sunday the guys in the family went to play golf. I wrote out some of our thank you cards for all the gifts we received at the shower in the early morning. Once the gals got up we made breakfast and hung out on the porch enjoying the cool air and just visiting. Around ten we rallied and headed out for a quick hike. It was beautiful and I am so glad we did it.


We didn’t quite make it out of town in time and got stuck in watching the parade as it made its way down main street. I secretly was very happy about this, but A isn’t a big fan of parades and I could tell it was torturing him to sit there.
I had fun snap-snap-snapping away at the silly costumes and “floats” as they rolled past.
Aim, Fire


bag pipers

Thank You Fire Fighters


big brass


We headed out of town finally, with one more stop at the local Frostie’s for a soft serve ice cream to keep us cool on our ride home. After showering off the heat when we got home we made up dinner with a ton of the leftovers from Friday night and hung out with my mom. A perfect ending to the weekend.

international refection

This week looks to be a busy social week. We have a few college friends from out of town coming in and I am hoping to catch up with both of them. We have a final ultra-sound, getting excited to see the baby one more time before the grand entrance. And then court (long story, we’re not in trouble- we just witnessed a situation and have to give a formal statement). I have yoga to teach and to take and then Saturday is the baby shower.

Hmm, maybe I am feeling a little tired still…..

4 Comments long weekends rock

  1. Cathy July 7, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    You captured the heart of small town 4th celebrations in your photo essay. I like the bike the best!

  2. Nessie Noodle July 7, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks Cathy- They really did it up out there and we had a great time.
    I HAD to get a shot of that bike, it was so perfect. I wanted to hop on it and ride off!

  3. lucy July 7, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    hello miss! good to see you had a great fourth…you have some GREAT shots to show for it!! 🙂


  4. Kathleen July 9, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    oh…these pictures…they are so wonderful!

    your words capture, perfectly, the ultimate summer weekend.

    well done, mama-to-be!

    soon…yes? i can’t wait…


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