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it was a nice Valentine’s Day. hanging out with my boys and then dinner (all you can eat sushi ) and a movie (Slum Dog Millionaire). The movie is haunting me and has me thinking of going all Brangaline and adopting kids from India.

Today is cloudy and trying to snow. There are sausage rolls in the oven and coffee in the pot. The boy slept in past 8am this morning, a new record so we are all feeling rested and well. No real plans today other than enjoying the day off and happy that we have tomorrow off as well.

I hope everyone had a day full of love yesterday. Our hearts sure are full.


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  1. bluegirl February 17, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Fantastic picture of Senor O. So my new job is as a softward logic analyst – I’ve never heard of anything like it either, but it sounds interesting so far. I start the beginning of March, and Lu begins preschool next week. The whole concept is still sinking in.


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