Holly and Colin – A Portland, Oregon Wedding

HollyColin071616_0002HollyCollin071616_web (26 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (28 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (44 of 609)HollyColin071616_0004HollyColin071616_0003Getting ready.

The anticipation and nerves. The sweet and silly moments between friends and the transformation that unfolds right in front of my lens…HollyColin071616_0006HollyColin071616_0008HollyColin071616_0005The first look. The smiles and the giggles. The bond between Holly & Colin glows and fills my heart as well as my camera card.HollyCollin071616_web (189 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (192 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (270 of 609)FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0014FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0015FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0018FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0017FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0016The ceremony. We walk through the trees of Hoyt Arboretum, and up to the World Forestry Center. Laughter, tears, all the emotions. The kiss and the second kiss. The WHOOOOO! as they walk together, hand in hand, between family and friends.
HollyCollin071616_web (257 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (208 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (250 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (252 of 609)HollyCollin071616_web (259 of 609)A few quiet moments together before walking out to the party. The smiles haven’t stopped and the celebration has just begun.FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0020FisherFamily_SeattleArborteum_0019Dancing and more dancing followed by more dancing!
HollyCollin071616_web (210 of 609)Colin and Holly,
Happy one month anniversary!! Your day was beautiful and full of so much love and laughter. Thank you for having me along to document it all. Wishing you all the best in the days, months, and years to come.
Keep chasing that light,




Location: Hoyt Arboretum and World Forestry Center in beautiful Portland, Oregon

Flowers: Kathryn, Heirbloom Floral

Makeup: Lisette, Lisette Studio 

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