ham and beans…it’s not just for dinner

My posts have been few and far between and perhaps a little more cryptic than I realized as of late. The things that are happening on this side of the screen are hard to share right away. I promise to catch you all up when the dust settles a little bit more, which I am hoping is soon, soon, soon.

273:365, dualing drivers

I also realized that I haven’t posted many photos or about the kids lately.
So here it is your O and Fifi fix.

These two have been so silly and fun lately.
They are our light and our laughter.

281:365, the giggle crew

They are hard work and sometimes little sleep, but they make up for it in a big way by just being themselves.

314:365, splashers

 O is either yelling at me to not take his picture with his hand in my face and tears in his eyes or demanding that I point the lens right at him and snap, snap, snap…

Case in point:
and then it starts to get silly…
wait for it…
Let the HAM begin.
Doesn’t he look like such a little boy in these shots? I took these over a month ago and it blows me away to realize just how big he is getting.

I have decided that Fifi might grow up to be a hairstylist. She loves to touch, stroke, and even eat my hair. She has started to ‘brush’ her own locks (all of about one and a half inch of length) when I hand her the comb and loves to have me put a clip in just so she can take it back out again and grunt at me to put it back in.
rinse, lather, repeat.
She is also coming up with her own line of hair product, the main ingredient?
Heinz 57 Beans
brilliant, right?
Maybe it’s the pretty turquoise can they come in-
Packaging can really sell a product you know?


yep, ham and beans-they aren’t just for dinner anymore.

1 Comment ham and beans…it’s not just for dinner

  1. Ani December 4, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    So sweet. It is so good to have the little ones’ love and light when things are all topsy-turvy in the adult world.

    That photo in the bath is so PERFECT.

    Also, I may need some new product for my hair. I’ll keep the Heinz in mind.


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