going to the chappel…

Or really more like the Danville Library and Community Center. Which sounds funny at first, but couldn’t have been a more pretty and perfect place. Danville is a sweet little town, the down town is quaint and has a ton of great shops and places to eat. I wish I would have had a bit more time to wander. Word on the street is that there is a killer candy store, we avoided that for fear of a complete freakout session….
Getting good at this hotel living'. Comfy.
We checked into the hotel and then headed straight for the pool to cool off.
Last Friday was hot, hot, hot and we needed the dip.
A quick clean up after our swim, and we headed to the rehearsal. Neither of the girls would give the wagon the time of day, but we let them run around and get used to the area and the people. We crossed our fingers that tomorrow, they would get in and ride down the isle with smiles on their faces.
From there, we headed to the restaurant down town.
private party
The kids did more running around and did their best to each spill at least one drink. 
Braylon and O, racing
Fifi, keeping up with the boys
Dinner was delish and the company was pretty sweet too.
dinner mmmm, cake bar staff
napkin wabbit
I snuck up on the soon to be newly-weds as they were catching a quite moment alone…
aren’t they adorable?
152:366, JT and Lo
Saturday involved a really nice run with my SIL (she said we did 5+ miles! ahh, that low elevation stuff rocks) and swimming and then a quick nap for the kids. I didn’t give Fifi much time to wake up, and totally didn’t give her time to think about me putting a clip in her hair, fancy shoes and a pretty pink dress on her, all of which she had been fighting me on back at home.
flower girl
I think she was adorable in all that pink.
Her cousin, was equally as sweet in her pink too!
The girls got in (I think the flower petals helped) and rode down the isle perfectly.
B and the oldest of the cousins E, enjoying the wagon post-ceremony

The ceremony was short, but sweet and then it was on to the party!
I really enjoyed watching the two photographers do their work. Since we had to hang around for Fifi to be in the photos, I got to be in the mix a little more than I normally would have for that part and not feel like a creeper doing so.

photos of phototakers, part 1

photos of phototakers, part 3
Can you handle that veil?! If I would have worn something like that in Reno I would have been halfway across town before the end of the ceremony because of the wind!
I can hardly wait to see the end result of the shot the photographer was getting in the last shot here.
so sweet
I was teary eyed all afternoon with how sweet the wedding was.
Their first dance about put me over the edge.

Good thing she dance with her dad to “Sweet Child of Mine”- set the party going just right!!

good, good words
JT and Lo, we thank you for having us be a part of your special day.
You have something magical between you.
Hold it, care for it and may you have a beautiful and long life together!

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  1. Anonymous June 14, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Wonderful candid wedding photos.


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