First moments
hospital Checking Checking
First Birthday
Being Two
Turning Three
248:365, he's three
And today, he is Four…
This is what four looks like.

247:366, four

I asked him a few questions, this didn’t go as easily as I thought it would- he is so ceribral sometimes, over thiniking each of these questions…

TV Show: Batman (old school, POW!)
Movie: Cars
Food: Steak and pesto Pasta
Fruit: Watermelon
Color: Blue, Green, and White

Vacation: San Diego, because we went to the Padres game.
Sport: BaseballToy: he told me transformers, but we don’t even have any of those- I would say his match box cars.

Song: Somebody that I used to Know, Gotye, Good Feeling ,Flo Rida, Chop ’em Down, Matisyahu
What he wants to be when he’s a grown up: A super hero, a dentist or an astronaut

O, you are an amazing, smart (crazy smart), articulate, serious yet silly, beautifully intense, sweet, amazing and wonderful little boy. I can’t wait to watch you as you move through this new year and beyond.
love you.

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  1. Anonymous September 7, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Wonderful post V. What a fun time to be FOUR!
    OOXX mama


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