Today I woke up to a chirping (and coughing) little infant who smiles more than cries, who honestly seems so surprised and pleased that someone has come to take her from her crib, every single morning. Fifi continues to wiggle her way deeper and deeper into our hearts and today this she is four months old.
This month has been full of firsts…
Rolling over, from belly to back and every so often back to belly, much to our surprise.
Giggling, mostly at Daddy-O and big brother (he is hysterical, by the way) and sometimes at nothing in particular, like at the polka dots on the curtains in the nursery.
Cooing and singing, and pretty much finding her little voice-she has to keep up with a certain two year old who is pretty loud.
Sitting in the bumbo and in the bouncer/exersauser.
Grabbing and holding things with intention (not just the random fist fulls of hair while nursing, which still happens much to my dismay)
First fever and cold (not a fun first)
First holiday season (whew, that was busy)
Fifi is wide awake to the world around her- taking in all there is to see and hear in this family of ours. I really love this stage when they start taking notice of the world. When she is awake she usually has a finger/fist or both hands in her mouth and when she nurses on my right side, she often rubs her head or puts her hand over her right eye in the most dramatic and adorable fashion. When she is full she unlatches herself and nuzzles into my elbow to doze off to sleep.
Bath time has gotten fun, I have started to put her in the actual tub lately instead of the little seat tub. She kicks and smiles and coos. It’s pretty much adorable. It will be so much easier to have regular bath times when she can sit up and hold her own in the tub with O.
She has put her self on a pretty regular schedule at night, letting us know that by 7pm she is done and I can easily give her a top of snack and she is out like a light, most of the time for the night. She is such a better sleeper than O was (and is) I’m not doing anything different then I did with him- which really leads me to believe that it is the kid, not the parents when it comes to sleep, they do or they don’t and you just have to hang in there for the ride.
This little girl of ours really is a light full of joy. The gals at the daycare agree, even when she is upset you can get a smile out of her. I know I have probably said it before, but I just feel so lucky to have his sweet little baby in our life.
8:365, four months
*Little Girl is getting big- she is weighing in at 14lbs 12oz and is 26inches long. 75% for both height and weight. She took the immunizations like a champ more pissed off about it then anything, but I do tear up every time no matter what…

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  1. earthycrunchy January 10, 2011 at 3:08 am

    She looks like a sweet baby! Hope you had a nice weekend!


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