first of december

On the first of December I woke up around 6am to little squawking in the nursery. I fed and changed the girl in a sleep daze- I had slept a good part of the night in a twin bed with a two year old and to say he is a bed hog is an understatement.
I walked down stairs, set the baby on her play mat and turned on the Spanish PBS channel to follow along with a yoga class that was already in progress. I haven’t practiced since a week before Fifi was born and I could feel how much my body needed this. At one point she started to squeak again, so I picked her up and did Warrior 1 with her in my arms (a new pose perhaps? Warrior-mama 1?). I came into Mountain and she burped and then chucked across the room, then gave me a huge smile. relief.
I decided that was the end of my practice for the morning, better than not trying at all, right?
I placed Fifi in the ergo and we made coffee and got the lunches together and bags lined up for the departure. By this point it was almost 7:15, dang we are running late already.
I headed up stairs, and the O came peeking out his room with a giant smile and his blankie. At least he wasn’t crying or crabby. I handed off the kids to a very sleepy Daddy-O and hopped in the shower. Dressed and dried I went downstairs to get my breakfast- it was now 10 to 8 (I am supposed to be at work by 8)… Daddy-O headed upstairs as O ate his “blueberry awfuls” with syrup and then we wrestled him into his school clothes.
I was heading out the door to get the car warmed up and all the bags (how is that I can have no less than 5 bags to carry out the door every morning) to the car. When O said to me, “Mama, I sittin’ by Fifi. You take our picture, kay?”
first of december
“Not now, I am so late,” I thought. And then I looked at them and realized that being late for work is better than being late to this moment. So I pulled out my camera and shot this photo.

Yeah, it’s blurry and grainy- but so was this morning and so it works.

I am realizing more now that ever how laughing more than getting frustrated is going to work in my advantage, playing rather than scolding,wrestling and nagging will get us where we need to be, stopping to take a picture when they ask is only going to last so long-
and that I need to, I have to stop and notice just where we are at and enjoy it all.

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  1. Ren- Lady Of The Arts December 2, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Love this post- so feel good- I agree the photo is great and an amazing moment captured!

    I am glad to ‘meet’ you!


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