Feel the burn, and birthday boothin

santa in the ring of fire

Last night the girls met me downtown after I got my haircut to wander around Cal Ave*. It was the annual “Holiday Stroll” last night. complete with the gang from Controlled burn and the double Dutchers earning money for the Holland Project (all such cool things that happen in our city)
It was cold.cold.cold. but we managed to wander around and see a few peeps that we know. One of them was participating in the fire dancing- who knew that he had this hidden talent?
We hopped in and out of shops, checking them out (there have been a few new shops and changes in stores over the past few months). Not only did we look at all the goodies, but we needed to warming up from the cold.

30th birthday booth
This booth strip is from Tuesday night. After my birthday dinner, Mr. Noodle and I headed over to the mall and hopped in the booth. Despite the fact it is a digi booth, I adore this strip. (bonus with the digi-strip is that you get two identical strips, good for the sharing)

Have a wonderful weekend, I am headed to the land of Elvis impersonators with some of my best girls.

*If you aren’t from Reno and are here for a visit, take a break from the casino action and head over to California Ave. There are lots of great shops, good food, a bar, a salon, a yoga studio, and place to buy/sell/trade music. (more on that last place later…let’s just say I am mustering up courage to put together a show…)

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  1. Ani December 14, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    eeep! a show! do it, do it!!!

    such a very sweet photobooth. love it.


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