Eight is great

MrO is 8 months old today. I debated if I wanted to take and post his monthly chair picture today or wait- He has pink eye, so his left eye is swollen and red. Despite his crabbiness this morning when I stuck him in the glider chair, I managed to get one smile shot- so here it is, 8 months of the O-ster all lined up.

8 is great!

So what’s new with the kid you ask?
Another tooth! the other bottom middle tooth has come in. When I come to see him at lunch or see him after work he gives me the biggest open mouth kiss – going right for my chin. Those teeth are a little dangerous when he does this, but we are working on being gentle.

silly mirror mama&baby

He has mastered the art of sitting up and can gracefully find his way to the floor by folding all the way forward or shifting off to the side. This kid’s flexibility would make a seasoned yogi(ni) jealous- he is quite the noodle. Despite all the movement from sitting to going to the floor he isn’t crawling yet (truth be told I’m not in any hurry for this milestone). I give him till the end of this month before we are chasing him all over the house. He can definitely roll around and spin to get to things if he really wants them. The other evening as I was drawing his bath, I left him in the middle of the bedroom and when I came back in he had scooted almost completely under the crib! backwards scoot, but a scooted non the less.

One of the funniest things he is doing (and I am sure this won’t be funny once he realizes what he is actually saying and uses it against us) is shaking his head “no”. I keep asking him if he is “dancing”. And if I say, “O can you dance?” and I start to wiggle and shake my head he will do it right back. It is pretty funny. (can you tell I am in “no” denial??)
The other fun thing he is into right now is taking his toys in and out of a box-
it keeps him busy for a crazy amount of time. It is great to see what toys he always goes for – the apple mirror, the ‘noisy baby book’, and one of the chew toys are a usual grab.


We are working on night weaning. I still get up with him when he wakes up in the middle of the night but I have been offering the binky first instead of the breast, it has been working pretty well so far. My theory is that if O’s little tummy stops thinking it’s hungry in the middle of the night the sleeping will follow. He is only waking up about once or twice a night. I attribute this to the fact that he is teething, part to the cold he had last week and part to the fact that we stopped swaddling-so he wakes himself up and moves around a lot more then before. We’ll get there, sleep is for sissies right? (update: last night he slept for 9hrs straight- down at 7:30 up at 4:30, I so can handle that!)

We have had lots of family time with Easter and a pre-mother’s day dinner last weekend. It is so stinking fun to see all four of the cousins lined up in the tub together. I can only imagine what we are in for when they get older!


Here’s to a fantastic 8th month my sweet, its gonna be a fun one I for sure. I love you!!

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  1. trinsch May 7, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    this is when all the fun begins 🙂 the talking, the laughing at things together, the moving around, exploring the world. the youngest of my sons is now 1 year and 8 month. oh, i love this age too. well, i guess, all ages have something unique and wonderful. congrats with the 8 month 🙂


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