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Easter was quite around our house. The “Bunny” came and left a fun little assortment of treats for O- a camp chair that is just his size, a pinwheel- because if you know this kid, you know he likes things that go “round and round”, and a bubble wand which was the hit of the day. His ‘Easter basket’ was a gardening bag complete with little tools and seeds for planting his own carrots and squash. He loves being out in the garden.

During nap time we got a ton of things organized in our bedroom in prep for the ‘big shuffle’. I will chat more, and hopefully post some before and after shots of the changes we are making soon. O is getting a big boy room and my craft room is moving into the master bedroom with us. I filled 4 boxes with clothes to take to the goodwill and moved my non-pregnant clothes out of the closet and the maternity clothes in- It will be so much easier and less frustrating to get dressed in the morning now!

We were supposed to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for an egg hunt and dinner but mid-day O came down with a fever, cough and a runny “applesauce nose” (O’s term, do you love it?). So in an effort to keep the other 3 cousins healthy, we decided that Daddy-O would go hang with the family and O and I would hang at the house. I am glad he isn’t old enough to understand what he was missing out on, a boat load of candy and hanging with some of his favorite kids in the world, or it could have gotten ugly. (photo in link is from last year’s egg hunt-man these kids have grown SO much already)

The two of us hung out and read books (a few of his favorites right now are Farkle McBride, The Zoo I Drew and Dinosaur Roar, Moo Ba LaLaLa) He knows most of these by heart (or at least parts of them anyway) already and cracks me up as he helps me read. I got out the ‘dough’ for him and we ‘rolllllled it’ and ‘paaaaattttted it’. It was a nice day, despite missing out on seeing the family and our little guy feeling sick.

I hope your weekend was filled with good food, family, friends, peeps, and bunny ears. Be well!

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  1. Cate April 7, 2010 at 10:49 am

    nessie, i love the term applesauce nose and will be applying it from now on. really, it’s a perfect discription. big easter hugs to all of you. hope little O is on the mend.


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