Beautifully Traditional | Seattle, Washington Wedding

Kathy and David had a beautiful wedding day in Seattle, Washington.  I loved how they followed tradition and truly went out of their way to not see one another before the ceremony. I am sure she took his breath away as her father led her down the long aisle towards him that day.

2015-09-15_00052015-09-15_00032015-09-15_0001I loved the drama the old catholic church where the ceremony was held. It added to the excited energy and pre-wedding moments of the morning. This wedding had me thinking about how beautiful traditions are and how a wedding day can be simple and sophisticated with the traditions in place. It had me pondering how some of those things give so much more meaning to the day than any amount of flowers and cake could do. The spaces between the laughter, and the love filled that large church to the brim on this late summer morning.2015-09-15_0002Congrats again, Kathy and David!


Keep chasing that light,


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