The same weekend we went camping, we also spent some time with my bestie’s mom and pop at their place near Mt. Shasta. The guys had a few adventures while berry picking, a run in with coyotes, a near miss from a porcupine (I hear that throwing cow pies is a great way to stave off a porcupine attack) as well as a visit from a great horned owl who though that our little Cloe girl would make for a good snack. Who knew berry picking could be such an adventure?!
Mt Shasta
On Saturday the guys went golfing and the ladies squeezed the two car seats and me in the back seat of the Outback and headed to Ashland, OR- about an hour drive north for the afternoon.
(above photo of the giggle twins and the next generation taken my Connie)
We found a parking spot and unloaded the kids and the strollers. You should have seen me maneuvering to get out from between the two car seats, in a skirt no less. Very lady like I assure you.
We had lunch at a really nice brew house. I had been there the last time I was thru Ashland and it didn’t disappoint (always a relief when you are the one recommending a place to eat!). I ordered the club sando (so yummy and not your run of the mill club) I decieded on the stout to drink. The other gals tried a honey ale of some sort and also enjoyed their food- especially the fries with homemade ketchup, (a nice touch). We got a big bottle of each of the beers we tasted to bring home for the boys.
mmm, beer….
standing stone brewing

At lunch MrO figured out how to use a straw and was so very proud of himself. L-bird was sitting cute in her ballcap that she borrowed from O for the day. How did we get so lucky to have such cute littles?!
We did a little shopping and then decided that the babes needed a diaper change and some time to release energy before we got back in the car for the ride home. We found Lithia Park.
Lithia Park Em and LVanessaAndOrion_LithiaParkOR
(above photo of O and me taken by Connie)
Lithia Park Chello Player
Such a pretty little spot. It was cool and the grass was dappled in sun under the big oak trees. We were lucky enough to hear a cello player too, I felt like I was somewhere very special. LithiaParkO4
After crawling around and meeting another very cute one year old girl named Luna (love that name!) it was back to the car. We headed up to a bakery we saw earlier to get bread for dinner.
let them eat cake
And then had a near collision on our pursuit of an icecream cone. mmm, icecream.
What a sweet day in Oregon. Ashland is a neat little town that I would love to spend some more time in exploring and maybe even getting to enjoy the Shakespeare Festival that they are famous for.

Thanks again to Connie and Jon for having us all up at your place.
We sure did have fun!

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  1. Ani September 9, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    we stopped in ashland on our way back from the coast this summer. lovely place! we’ll have to try that brewery next time. we loved mix sweet shop right downtown…you should give it a go next time you go through!


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