A Blessing (not in disguise)

Blessings don’t always have to come in disguise. Sometimes they are right there, plain and clear and fully within reach, grasp and hugging distance.
beads detail
This weekend was proof of that. I have some amazing women in my life and on Sunday they gathered to help me celebrate becoming a mama of two.
smiling and watching
I laughed, I got teary eyed, I ate amazing food, I had my belly painted with henna and my feet soaked and washed with loving hands. What a special day.
(I wasn’t the only one getting a little henna)

There was a lot of talking about being a mom, about our men-folk (and the daddy-day care that was going down at my house as we hung out at my best friend’s place). We laughed at potty humor and potty training, and watched as Deuce did a dance in my belly just to show off that he/she knew they were all gathered because of the new life it is about to bring to us.
lotus flower frosting

Thank you ladies, each and everyone one of you. Not only for yesterday, but helping to weave the web that supports, honors, and shares this wide world of mine. You all have no idea how special you are in my life. To have you in one room was pretty fantastic.  
As you can tell, I wasn’t shooting these photos- So thanks to the gals for taking over my camera and capturing the process as Kim did her magic on my belly.

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  1. Vicky August 25, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Amazing. I would love to get have got my belly henna-ed. Maybe next time!


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