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The Lake Tahoe addition.
I am a little late with my week 5 selfie. The past week was a doozy with work related crazy and an entire day on the couch due to vertigo- the room was spinning in at least three different directions the other morning and it was all I could do to talk and let Daddy-O know I thought I was going to be okay.
The weekend rounded things out however, and we hung with visiting and local family

Watching the World Cup, USA match. We must not have cheered loudly enough ;(


                   photo by cousin lauren, thanks Lo!

Watching the “kids” play in the back yard water park.
Papa-Slip and Slide Slip and Slide

On Sunday we headed to Tahoe. That lake is amazing. I could kick myself for not insisting on getting up there more often. I think three years have passed since we put our feet in the sand and crystal blue water. A true shame since we are so close!

Kings Beach- Lake Tahoe

I got in an hour or so after I snapped the shot above- nothing like the thrill of a full body, late June, dunk- takes your breathe away in the best sort of way. Growing up around this lake, you know you just have to do it and that you will feel a million times better once you are under water- the cold is something that cleans the soul and reminds you that you are truly alive.
We finally got O to go into the water, it took a long time in the sand

and then a little paddle boat ride to warm him up to the idea.

As long as Daddy was nearby he was okay.
Exhausted and refreshed, I am looking forward to the week and the long weekend ahead (the 4th is my favorite holiday).

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  1. painted fish studio June 29, 2010 at 12:19 am

    my gamblin’ pa took us to lake tahoe a few times, and wow, that lake is amazing. happy 4th!

  2. caitlin June 29, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Gorgeous pictures. Especially that one of the beach! I have always wanted to go to Tahoe, and now I HAVE to!

  3. earthycrunchy July 1, 2010 at 1:06 am

    Okay! We’re going up to the lake next week. It looks so damn nice. Every summer, we say we’re going up every week and then kind a forget. Kings Beach is so close. I LOVE the singing!!!!


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