5 and 25

We had a really nice anniversary. Thank you all for your sweet words and thoughts and phone calls.
We had a fantastic dinner at the GSR, we tried out Charlie Palmer’s Steak House and we weren’t disappointed. Our service was fantastic (they kept our water class full and switched out our silverware after each course). I choice the King Salmon and A got the organic prime strip steak. Both were fantastic and done well. We enjoyed a nice appetizer and Caesar salad and rounded off the meal with bread pudding.
Between our appetizer and main course, A. handed me this…

5fingers, 5 diamonds, 5years

I was surprised and still can’t stop looking at my hand. I have a beautiful wedding band and engagement ring, but because of the pregnancy and the heat (oh the heat… but that is for another post) my hands have been swollen. I decided to take my wedding rings off while I could do so without having to pry or cut them off. The new band has 5 beautiful diamonds, one to symbolize each year we have been together. He is a good man… (I got him an oak tree if you are wondering. Men are hard to buy presents for I have decided)


After dinner we headed down town to the movies and caught the Chronicle’s of Narnia. I liked this one much better than the first, but still think that Lucy stole the show. It was REALLY loud in the theater and baby was doing it’s best to let me know that it wasn’t sure about all the noise. I was getting some of the strongest kicks/hic-ups yet and it was a little crazy.

On the baby front, we are 25weeks along. Today was our first class of 4 Hypno-Birthing classes. I am really looking forward to the class and to have one more tool in my belt for labor and birth. The gal who teaches the class is the same one who teaches my prenatal yoga class and is a doll. She has 3 boys and did natural with all 3. She is funny and honest and full of information.

25 weeks

We have this month’s doctor’s apt on Tuesday. It is always interesting to see what that holds…how many pounds have I gained, what tests do they want me to take and of course, do I have any questions. The last one is always the most difficult part for me (although the scale part is a close runner up). I continually have to remind myself that I am the paying customer, that I have the right to have the birth I would like and that it is okay to question things that I am unsure of or uncomfortable with.

Looking forward to a good week. Hoping the weather cools a bit this week. Nothing like a Nevada spring for you, one week you are worried about the frost and the garden, the next week you are trying to figure out what you can do to keep the poor plants hydrated enough to keep on keeping on.

Be well friends….

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  1. Melissa May 19, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    How very lovely and sweetly romantic!

  2. Ai Ling May 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Oh, congratulations on 5 years!!
    The ring look absolutely lovely. 🙂

    ps, it’s going to be 5 years for us too in August.

  3. Stacie May 22, 2008 at 1:52 am

    look at your changing self!! wow, yer totaly pg! and what a sweet hubby…

  4. Kathleen May 27, 2008 at 11:19 am

    eek! look at you! you are so gorgeous, mama…

    happy anniversary, too. what a sweet gift! i, too, didn’t wear my rings at the end, and am STILL waiting for them to fit (almost!).

    good attitude about being the “customer”. you are right. stand your ground and don’t let anyone talk you in to something you don’t want.

    (have you seen “the business of being born” yet? i highly recommend it. i saw it at a local theatre, sitting next to my midwife and holding liam in my lap (he was sleeping). ricki lake was there (it is her film about birthing choices) and held a panel discussion with local midwives, doctors and nurses. verrrrrrry interesting.

    rub your belly for me and tell your little one that liam is waiting for a new playmate! (hee…they can be blog-babies and we can have virtual playdates! lol)

    i’ll stop. the jetlag is making me delirious.



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