356:365, pre-op

Fifi did great today with her surgery. She is snoring away in her room right now. I can’t believe she was in such a good mood all day despite the fact that we couldn’t feed her before the procedure.
She colored, read books, charmed the staff, listened to my ipod, pulled everything out of my purse a million times and only asked to nurse a handful of times- each time one of the nurses helped me out by distracting her with something or playing peak-a-boo. And you should have seen the glow when Daddy-O got there. It was all much easier than I thought it would be.
According to the doctor her ears will filled to the brim with gunk. With all that gone and her being more comfortable, I am hoping this means more sleep at night for ALL of us.
Thanks for all your positive energy, prayers and notes!

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