5:365, what's that mom?
O, today you are three and a half years old. About every couple of weeks, you tell me your birthday is coming soon. I nod and try not to think about how many trips around the sun you already made and how quickly it has happened.

6:365, silly straw
You are such a big boy, and a big thinker even if you still have to have your Binky and blankie to fall asleep with at night. The past few weeks you have asked and said some of the craziest things to me….

30:366, blankie love
As you sat on the potty you asked, “Where does it go when I flush the toilet.” You weren’t satisfied with  the standard, “To the sewer.” I tried to give you. You wanted more information, does it come back to the shower? how do they clean it. I finally told you that we could make a trip to the sewer plant some day so you could see how it all goes down- good thing we know a couple of people who work in that business!
tee hee.

You also asked me if girls poop. I was half temped to keep the myth alive and say no, but you were watching me change Fifi’s diaper. Um, yeah- see, your sister is a girl and she poops. “Yeah, mom- but do big girls, like you poop??? oh boy.


 You tell me you can’t put your own socks on or your own pants, but if I even think about helping you button your shirt I am in big trouble. It takes some extra time, but watching your tiny hands fumble with the button makes me so proud. After you had your entire shirt done the other morning you told me, “Buttoning a shirt is a lot like knitting, right?”

54, balloon

Where do you get this stuff?
You are so smart and I just love watching your mind work.
I am so proud of you and happy to call you my son.
Happy 3.5!

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