231:365, a wedding

We haven’t been to a wedding in 3 or 4 years, all pre-kids..which makes for a very different wedding going experience…but that is neither here-nor-there, this summer/fall we are making up for our break in assigned seating, bouqet tossing and aisle walking. We have three ceremonies to attend. This was the first of the batch and it was so very sweet.


I snuck a peak in the church after the ceremony while they were doing photos. I sort of wanted to stalk the photographer around and learn the ropes of shooting a wedding, but held myself back. I really do need to find a local photographer I can second shoot for…
I was in love with the stained glass work in this church and the pastor had such nice things to say. It made me cry, in a good way.
After the ceremony we blew caution to the wind and almost totally skipped nap time.
We let the kids sleep for only about half an hour while we checked into the hotel and then headed to the receoption. We visited with everyone out in the court yard. Drinks were served and horsdevours passed around.
Don’t worry, his was just lemonade, though the amount of ‘body art’ he had on by the end of the night might have suggested there was something else besides lemonade in his cup.
The cousins all got to run around and play while the adults visited and enjoyed the wonderful Bay Area weather.


I was so excited to see they had an instax camera ‘photo booth’ set up.

It was a very sweet afternoon/evening indeed.



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