164:366, the graduate

Let’s just say I have officially entered the phase in life where a kindergarten graduation makes me get all choked up…
This girl is the oldest of the cousins and to think that she is heading into the first grade throws me for a loop. I distinctly remember holding her for the very first time. I remember it almost as clearly as I do holding my own two. I think it was so vivid because I had just lost our first pregnancy and then she was born. 
 I was full of hurt and anger and empty, but holding her, it filled me with hope and love and joy. Her tiny body in my arms set my mind straight that I really did want to be a mama.
E. is a beautiful, smart, girly-girl/tomboy who keeps all the other cousins in line and all of us laughing along the way.
We love you so much E and we can’t wait to see who you become.

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