The sky last night looked like it was heavy with snow. This morning when I woke up at 6:30 it was still grey but not doing anything. But by the time O was dressed at 7:30, and we were heading down stairs to make dip-dip (French) toast, the flakes were falling.
By 8 there was about two inches of very wet snow on the ground. O had let himself out into the backyard and was covered in fluff. Good thing I had gotten his boots and hat on him before he snuck out the sliding glass door. Fifi had a dusting on her just from the trip from the car into daycare today. Good thing for the Snuggle Me on the carseat- that little thing is a lifesaver!
Daddy-O drove me and Miss Kate (our roomie) to work today in the Land Cruiser. Such a nice boy, that Daddy-O.  It’s still falling at a steady pace.
Boy is beautiful out there today.
winter layers

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