what a weekend

Do you ever feel like the weekend is crammed so full of good, you might just need a nap? 
That’s how I feel this afternoon. I love ‘home-days’ like the two we just had. 
The good included a ride on the Scheels Ferris Wheel with my boy.
I didn’t think it would scare me so badly, but I was a bit freaked out up there! He’s only three and a half, but thought it was pretty funny to rock the boat, despite the warnings not to.
flying 20120505-_MG_1968
I think it has something to do with being inside, it gets a little claustrophobic when you are up on the top. 
After naps, we headed to my mom’s for a great visit with my god-parents and a few cervezas (it was Cinco De Mayo, after all!). I hadn’t seen them in about a month and a half, so it was a wonderful time catching up with them on things.
 125:366, cinco de mayo
The big accomplishment this weekend? That involved running around downtown and along the Truckee River with my best-friend at my side. We completed our first 5K together and I couldn’t be more proud.
 126:366, 5K
Our unofficial time was 34minute or so. Not bad considering my shoes came untied twice (mom, I should have listened to your advice about the double knots) and I had a bit of a side ache so we walked here and there. I think it was from excitement and nerves. now, I need another race, I might be hooked! 
5k!! My first. #reno #rockingriver. #rootsandwings #nowyouworkshop #fromwhereistand #wings

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