vacation, all I ever wanted…

We are headed south to splash in the pool and soak in the sun.
It will be the first time for Fifi to ride on an airplane and the first to have both kids in tow in an airport.
If you need me, I will be floating in the pool or splashing around with my two water babies.
or, laying around with a umbrella drink in my hand… go figure.
 I haven’t bought a bathing suite since I was pregnant, and although I loved how it fit then, the bottoms are a little, um, loose now. Especially when wet. So, in an effort to not have a major wardrobe malfunction while playing in the pool, I bit the bullet and order 3 new suites. 
I lucked out, Athlete was having a killer sale and I got three suites for the price of one and a half… 
A gamble for sure to order on line. Luckily, they all fit rather well. hooray!
Beach Umbrella
Have a safe and beautifully long weekend!

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