Up for Air


I am finally coming up for air. This week I have been swimming in a pile of tissues and sneezing. Watery eyes and nose. It is all good though because I am finally breathing easy again. I am not 100% but 90% is better than nothing and I am grateful for that.

We are looking forward to a beautiful warm weekend. Dinner with friends at a local Basque restaurant and playing in the yard. I might make it to see friends and their baby in the Sierra Valley, depending on how worn out I am and how healthy I am feeling.

I also got my new sewing machine in the mail this week (I finally decided on which model to go with) and am looking forward to re-organizing my sewing room and getting the new beauty (her name is Ethel, in loving memory of my sweet grandmother in law who gave me the gift card this Christmas and just recently passed away). I plan on whipping up some baby shower gifts for a cousin who is expecting twin girls this summer and playing around with all the cool stitch functions that Ethel has.

I hope you have something wonderful planned for your weekend-

enjoy friends

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  1. Stacie April 12, 2008 at 2:30 am

    I think we are supposed to get snow! How about some baby clothes for your own sweet one on the way too! Have a great time…


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