monkey see, monkey do...
Communication, Signing more than ever, in addition to “more” and “all done”, “thank you” and “eat” has been added. And some other arm rolling thing that you are very proud to do but I have no idea what it is- “wheels on the bus”? perhaps.
Pointing and noticing/recognizing sounds things like the geese flying over head honking, airplanes buzzing, hot air balloons hushing, and barking dogs all capture your attention and get recognition.
Speaking you have a small repertoire of words including, “Yay”, woof-woof, huhuh that you had figured out last month. This month you added “Uhht-Ohh”, Doh-doh (JoJo, my mom), and Lyy-la (saying his “L”s and all!). you also sing this funny little song dnnndnddnd that reminds me of the end of an old Boyz2Men song (boyz2men, bbd…. oh never mind)
Movement, crawling is old hat these days. Showing off ‘no hands’ is where it is at. not just with the safety net of the furniture at your side but you will go from squatting to standing up, maybe take a step and then plop back down on your bumm. You are quite the monkey and can get up and down from the sofa and have figured out how to use your toys as a step stool onto things. “uhht-ohh”
Teeth, your second top tooth finally pushed its way out. your grin is huge and tooth and cracks me up.
Firsts, got your hair cut on your cousin’s birthday. you were so good and look like such a big kid now. watched the hot air balloon races went to the zoo.

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