There is a reason for the silence.

We have been doing a whole lot of this over the past week.
Packing and moving. Uggg
And, until the interwebs get hooked up at the new digs, I won’t be out here much.
Since, borrowing Internet and time from your employer is frowned upon, go figure.
I tell you what though, I sure do hope that next weekend we get a little of this. 
(A trip up to Tahoe hasn’t happened yet this summer)
202:366, beach bum
A dip in Donner Lake would make me just as happy.
Some of this (having a park that is RIGHT around the corner from our new place makes this an easy goal).
Maybe we can pull out the kite that we found tucked away in storage and do some of this.
Summer, you haven’t gotten away from me yet!

All photos, except for that box there at the top, were taken in San Diego.
A week long trip I still need to blog about before it all slips away from my sleepy brain.

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