the last thing on the list, is the list

It needs an update from the last go around when I originally drew it up. This time I have to pack for MrO so he is ready to go to Auntie and Uncle’s house while we are at the hospital. I am re-thinking the amount of food I insisted on having on hand last time since half the stuff I did bring went to waste and Daddy-O went to the cafeteria to get food instead of eating what I brought. (he has still not lived down those horrible and stinky cafeteria french fries that he brought back to the L&D room. I don’t care HOW nice he thought he was being by offering me a few, that greasy stank put my laboring, mommy nose over the top).
I don’t have my wide leg lounge pants anymore- a huge rip in them from over use happened and they are in the re purpose pile now-so a comfy alternative is in order.
wow! 25 more days until my EDD, 25 people.

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