The Foothills

We took a drive to the foothills yesterday. It was lovely.
horn player
This man was playing at the farmer’s market in Auburn, CA where we bought some surprisingly, sweet strawberries and a bag of pistachios to snack on for the second leg of the ride.  It was beautiful out and just a tad warmer than it is in Reno right now.
sort of camping
We met up with some friends in Coloma. They were camping, but I’m not quite ready to spend the night in a tent w/ the girlie, so we just “sort of camped” by hanging out all day around the area and later, cooking our dinner over the campfire before heading back home. It was a perfect compromise.
After grabbing some lunch in Placerville, we headed up to Apple Hill and visited a couple of tasting rooms (We were going to check out the apples, but the kids were asleep in the car and so we switched up the plans. Daddy-O went in to the first tasting and I hung out with the babies until they woke up, then I got to taste at the second place while Daddy-O kept the kids entertained.).
If you haven’t wine tasted in the El Dorado County area, it’s well worth the visit. They are a lot more low key than the what you will find in the Sonoma/Napa area and many of the tastings are free.
gratitude 13
At the second spot we visited they were very family friendly. O found this little horse toy in the parking lot that he wouldn’t let go of for the rest of the afternoon and they even gave him a juice box so he wouldn’t feel left out of the ‘tasting’ ;). The third place we visited, there was a baby about 10 months younger than O hanging out in the shop. The son belonged to the young couple pouring and running the place, grandma was also there and keeping a watchful eye on the little cutie. I like that they didn’t mind the whole crew coming in (Fifi was in the carrier on daddy-o, it was very sweet).
found toy
What a nice autumn weekend drive with the family and a wonderful visit with friends!

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