The Big Blue

There is a distinct smell when you pull into a coastal campsite. The moment when the windows get rolled down and the deep breath of non desert air hits your nose is wonderful.
The big blue. 
It’s a mix of salt , eucalyptus and campfire. I love camping in the mountains, but being at the beach in a tent, (or now, in Pop-up Penny) has my heart.
Boys and beach. #momentswitho #halfmoonbay #camping
The first adventure that Andy and I were on together was camping on the beach.
We were less then a football field away from the shore.
Moon, sun, ocean... Exhale
Maybe this is part of why we come back to the sand and salt together when we camp these days.
#ctyw it's five o'clock HERE.
Camping on the coast, particularly near Santa Cruz, has lots of great memories.
It is where the kids both put their feet in the Pacific for the first time.
I friggin love it here.
We have come here with friends, battled the late night raccoon parties, and walked with the full moon.
This land is your land, this land is my land. From California to the New York island..... #self #music #nowyouworkshops
We made some new memories this trip.
Running on the beach, I learned that it takes a lot more calf muscle and core strength then I ever realized.
Hanging out with with the Hummels and cracking up over homebrew names and movie quotes.
Watching the kids ride bikes without training wheels and O scoot so fast on this “wheelie bar” that I had to hold my breath as he zoomed down the hill.
There were sandcastles and sandy bums (and ears, noses, eyes, and everything)
There was seashell searching and surfer watching
I shot a ton of film (anyone want to come and scan all these polaroids for me?!)
They don't call it #sunsetbeach for nothing #fromwhereistand #cameras #sheshoots #self
What a great week, more of our adventures to come….

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