The 5ht in the 5th

hiking to Lake Aloha, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

I was tagged by Pancake and Camerashy to play along in the “5th photo in the 5th folder”. Since I haven’t posted a blog entry in a few days I thought it would make for good fodder 🙂

here it is-
The photo was taken way back in 2005- This is the Daddy-o and our friend James. We are hiking our way up to Lake Aloha near Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake.
This is one of our favorite hikes…Part of it is the PCT and I love the idea that I am getting to hike pieces and parts of that big long trail!

I think on this trip James lost his sleeping bag along the way, let’s just say that it was a cold, cold night! (don’t worry, we all pitched in and made sure he had something to snuggle in and at least keep a little warm) I also think he was wearing new boots and ended up with some of the gnarliest blisters of all time. Although, that might have been a previous trip… can’t remember since we have done it a few times. Despite the hic-ups along the way , the views from up here make it all worth it though.


In other news. We went tree hunting on Sunday. I brought my camera but spaced on putting the memory card back into the camera, so no photos were had. too bad since it was really quite a pretty day and we had O in his ‘snow suit’ for the first time- straight outta Christmas Story I tell ya- it was pretty funny. We haven’t gotten around to actually decorating the tree yet however… so once that is happening I will get some pictures.

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