take me out to the ball game

It’s Ace-ball time!
O has been waiting patiently since last season to go to an Ace’s game again. 
On Thursday night, he got his wish.
We stopped at Slice for a piece of pizza (and a pre-game beer).
When I asked O to finish eating his piece, he said he was full, but needed to save room for a hot dog, red vines and peanuts. He clearly had his priority straight!
Sitting in the grassy area allows for the kids to play and roll around on the hill, but it was a bit too cold for us to stick it out for long.
123:366,my roots and my wings
After I snapped this family photo (a new favorite!), we wandered back over to the seats to watch the rest (at least until the 7th inning stretch) of the game. Looking for more games this season, and a little bit warmer weather too!

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