I didn’t make an official “Bucket List” for the summer, though I have a good one brewing for the autumn and winter, but that’s another post. 
223:366, Lake Tahoe
If I would have put one together for the season, it would have most definitely included a visit to Lake Tahoe.
It wouldn’t be summer without a visit to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.
And yesterday, we would have been able to cross that item off the list.
It was hot, hot, hot in Reno so we took a drive up to the lake yesterday.
Tahoe was busy, but still wonderful. 
What a beautiful way to spend our weekend…. What did you do this weekend??

The water wasn’t the coldest I had been in this year (June Lake won that gold metal), but it was completely and wonderfully refreshing. Although, if you aren’t used to alpine lakes, you might argue with me about the temps!
We all swam and jumped off rocks, soaking up the high Sierra sun.

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