Spring delivered

It’s here.

magnolia mailbox

I want to tear into it like I would a letter from a dear friend. Savoring this, my favorite time of year, spring. Just as I would savor reading the hand written words, paper and pen and loopy handwriting that is so telling of one friend from another- just as the seasons are here in Reno. One not quite like the other, unique. I think I might go a little batty if I lived somewhere that the seasons didn’t really differ from each other.


It has been a warm week, shorts and a t-shirt on the walk Tuesday after work, the heater hardly going on all night, wanting to drink cold seltzer and juice instead of hot tea and honey. Of course they are talking snow for the weekend despite the fact the words vernal equinox are typed on the calendar today. Spring is always a mash up of weather and sun, blooms on the trees and blooms blown about the backyard. Green grass and white snow on the sidewalks. Unpredictable really.


love is written

To play along with the 5 Senses Friday I would like to write how different spring smells depending on where you live.
These photos were taken in Berkley, CA last weekend. The air was damp and earthy smelling. Things were blossoming and if you were lucky you might catch the smell of flowers as you walked down the side walk.
Back here in Reno however, spring smells entirely different. The air is dry and warm, the earthy sent doesn’t come until much later in the year and usually only after a good rain. That’s when the sent of sage brush and damp, alkaline dirt rise to your nose. Spring here waits a little longer. Daffodils, forsythia, lilacs, mock plumb trees. In that order they start to brighten and show their colorful faces and show off their different smells. (oh the lilacs, how I can hardly wait for you to bloom).

4 Comments Spring delivered

  1. Ani March 21, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    oh lilacs! thank you for reminding me of the lilacs.

    my mom has a ton of sweet violets blooming next to her house. she plucked a few this morning and brought them along on our grocery trip. they smelled like sugar.

  2. Melissa March 22, 2009 at 2:21 am

    to me, it is not truly spring until i’ve smelled lilacs!

  3. jess gonacha March 22, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    gorgeous!! oh, how i love spring. i just want to be outside all day!

  4. julesinseach March 25, 2009 at 1:04 am

    You’re right about the different smells this time of year. I always will remember driving back from Spring Break every year and having the windows open in the car. Like clockwork…. as soon as we drove into Keene we could smell grass. And I don’t mean fresh cut grass. It was different; like NEW baby grass. I could only smell it that time of year at that specific spot.

    I love your pictures….as always.


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