splash down

We packed a lot of activity into last weekend. It’s the way it gets when the sun starts to warm things up, we just want to be out and about.
On Saturday, after naps, we gathered swim suites, swim diapers, life jackets and towels and headed over to the Grand Sierra Resort to splash in the pool.

We had no clue that everyone else in town had the same idea, too. It was a happy, splashy, packed pool party in there.
The kids had a blast. O-Boy had on his life jacket, and he got really comfortable. Enough so that he let us let go of him as he ‘swam around”. Watching him gain confidence in the water is so much fun. Fifi, on the other hand needs no time to get comfortable.

The girl was shaking in excitement to get into the water. Literally.
We couldn’t turn our heads for a second, she is my water baby. I think she drank half the pool during the hour we were in there. I held out my arm and she would point me in the direction she wanted to go.
O jumped off the edge into the pool and she was scrambling to get up there too. I wasn’t quite ready for that so it was all about diversionary tactics at that point.

This was a perfect dry (wet?) run for our upcoming trip to Arizona where we will hang out all weekend long at a hotel with a huge pool and water slides. I can hardly wait.
I bet the kids, can’t either.


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