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I have been a busy little elf in my sewing room the past few weeks. Sneaking in time here, there and when ever I can when the kids are asleep or occupied. I can show these because most of the have been gifted already and so it won’t ruin any surprises.
Kid aprons.
I paired them with a DYO (decorate your own) cookie kit I found at Trader Joe’s.
aprons, b side
I love the way these came out and they were really quite easy to make. I think they will be a great ‘go to gift’ in the future.
Wristlet key fobs
These are teacher gifts for O and Fifi’s teachers this year. I wanted to come up with something that wasn’t the typical coffee mug and while browsing around on Prudent Baby I saw the idea and a tutorial.
I like a pretty way to keep track of my keys and these were fun and easy (and VERY affordable to make) which is good since O has been in 3 class rooms this past year and has had a bunch of great teachers along the way.
Wide leg lounge pants (amy butler, in stitches)
lounge pants
These are some of the comfiest jammer pants around. They look HUGE, but the roomie-ness of them really makes it perfect for hanging out around the house on a lazy Sunday morning. The best part is, (and this should have been on my list) I figured out how to make a button hole on my sewing machine while making these. I was literally jumping for joy when I got the darn thing to do what I wanted! In the past, the button holes for the draw strings were totally sloppy, but not this time around. This will make # 1 on the list that much easier, should I choose something that needs buttons.
I love a good handmade Christmas!

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  1. Cate December 22, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    What a great kid idea those aprons are – so cheery too – love them!


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