My in-laws are stealthy dropping off bags and bags of apples at our door.
 How you like them #apples? #shuttersisters #instamuse #Snapseed
At least one zucchini has gone unseen in the garden, and is almost larger than my baby girl when it is found.
 One big zucchini. #gardenfresh #momentswithfifi #shuttersisters #instamuse
I need a sweatshirt for a good part of the morning. 
Hoodie season. #nowyouworkshops #self #shuttersisters
I do love this time of year, like a lot.
Even the name of this blog comes from a poem about it.
(Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus).
And you, how are you settling into the new season?

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